Sivota is one of the most beautiful resorts not only in Greece but also the whole Mediterranean. This part of Epirus which is full of natural beauties and winding terrain, combined with the nearby islands with turquoise waters, creates dozens of small and large bays with breathtaking beaches where the greenery of nature literally ends at sea.

The name Sivota comes from the name pig and the verb graze. Namely the five islands of Sivota look like pigs grazing. Apart from these 5 islands there is also the island Agia Paraskeui both pig islands. According to others, the name Sivota comes from the name pig and walk. There is also a recent name Mourtos. The position of our complex compared to others is promonent. It is located halfway from about approximately 20 famous beaches of Sivota each of which is better than the other.

It is approximately 1,000 meters from the main beach. Suggestively and starting from the farthest beach, you can select the following swimming beaches: Karavostassis, Agia Paraskevi, Little Sand, Mega Ammos Zavia, Bella Breeches, Swimming, French or Molos Bay, Water Slides, Zeri-Perry, Dei.

On the right side of DEI beach there are other beaches which can be reached by boat from the sea. The clear turquoise waters,, the greenery, the clean beaches and the amazing pebbles will impress you and will remain unforgettable.