Bella Braka Syvota

It is the third largest island of Sivota. It is full of dense and varied vegetation that is impassable by people. Only wild animals reside both this as well as two other nearby islands, namely Mavronoros and Agios Nikolaos. Bella Vraka gets its name at the end of the Greco-Italian war in 1940 when a company of Italians in their quest to be saved resorted among the dense forest of the island. The attempt of the Italians came to salvation. Both this fact and the beauty of the landscape made ​​the Italians attached emotionally with the place and they named this island Bella Vraka.

When there is a tide, Bella Vraka is a normal island located about approximately 20 meters from the nearest mainland. Namely, the tide creates a small channel about 20 meters long. With the withdrawal of the water when the tide is low, a slender isthmus 20m long and about one meter wide reveals, which allows you to cross the island without getting wet and vice versa.